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Final Performance - MP3s

*sighs* Due to lack of hosting space and bandwidth limits, this section will no longer host all GW songs at the same time as I was hoping to. Instead, this section will now operate on a rotational basis featuring four to five songs at a time and two new songs every month. I will take requests if you email me, otherwise, I'll just work my way down my list ^_^.

New songs will be placed at the bottom of the page, while the two songs in line for deletion will be marked at the top. Also due to the bandwidth limits, please be patient if you get a sign that says this page is over its limit and asks you to wait ^^;; unfortunately there really is nothing I can do to help that unless I find a better server... So if that ever happens, please accept my apologies in advance.

To Be Deleted
 Good Luck & Good Bye
   Duo Maxwell / Seki Toshihiko
   Duo's First Image Song (Operation II)

   Trowa Barton / Nakahara Shigeru
   Trowa's First Image Song (Operation II)

Currently Featuring
 I'm Your Friend
   Quatre Raberba Winner / Orikasa Ai
   Quatre's First Image Song (Operation II)

 Asu e no Door wo Tataku 
   Chang Wufei / Ishino Ryuuzou
   Wufei's First Image Song (Operation II)

N.B. These mp3 files are for evaluation usage only. Please delete them from your computer within 24 hours. All files are zipped to conserve space, a program like WinZip is needed to unzip the files.

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