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Final Performance - Lyrics

N.B. Please note that neither these lyrics are mine and nor did I do the translations. I've been collecting for a long time and I don't always write down the sites I get them from so if any of these are yours, please don't hesitate to drop me an email and I'll be happy to credit you. Arigato! ^_^

Opening / Ending Themes
 Just Communication
   Two Mix
   First TV Opening Theme

 Rhythm Emotion
   Two Mix
   Second TV Opening Theme

 Just Love
   Ooishi Rumi
   TV Ending Theme

 White Reflection
   Two Mix
   Endless Waltz OVA Theme

 Last Impression
   Two Mix
   Endless Waltz Special Edition Theme

 Mind Education
   Misty Eyes
   Blind Target Theme

 Snow Planet
   Misty Eyes
   Blind Target Song

Heero Yuy / Midorikawa Hikaru
 Cry for the Dream
   Heero's First Image Song (Operation II)

 Tatoe Kimi ga Hohoende mo
   Heero's Second Image Song (Operation III)

 Ore Dake no Kotoba de
   Heero's Third Image Song (Operation IV)

 Flying Away
   Heero's Fourth Image Song (Operation IV)

 Take Off to the Sky
   Heero's Blind Target Image Song

Duo Maxwell / Seki Toshihiko
 Good Luck & Good Bye
   Duo's First Image Song (Operation II)

 Kitto OK!
   Duo's Second Image Song (Operation III)

 Wild Wing
   Duo's Third Image Song (Operation IV)

 It's So All Right
   Duo's Blind Target Image Song

Trowa Barton / Nakahara Shigeru
   Trowa's First Image Song (Operation II)

 Ai wa Ryuusei
   Trowa's Second Image Song (Operation IV)

 Make My Way
   Trowa's Blind Target Image Song

Quatre Raberba Winner / Orikasa Ai
 I'm Your Friend
   Quatre's First Image Song (Operation II)

 Hoshi no Manazashi
   Quatre's Second Image Song (Operation IV)

 Brave Eyes
   Quatre's Blind Target Image Song

Chang Wufei / Ishino Ryuuzou
 Asu e no Door wo Tataku
   Wufei's First Image Song (Operation II)

 Shinjitsu wo Tsukamitore
   Wufei's Second Image Song (Operation IV)

 Let Into Top
   Wufei's Blind Target Image Song

Relena Darlian Peacecraft / Yajima Akiko
 Zutto Himitsu
   Relena's First Image Song (Operation III)

 Ai wa mada Nakanai
   Relena's Second Image Song (Operation IV)

 Brightness and Darkness
   Lady Une / Sa Yuri
   Lady Une's Image Song (Operation III)

 Joy to my Life
   Dorothy Catalonia / Matsui Naoko
   Dorothy's Image Song (Operation III)

 Tooi Yoake
   Zechs Merquise / Koyasu Takehito
   Zechs's Image Song (Operation IV)

 Hoshikuzu no Senshi-tachi
   Treize Khushrenada / Okiayu Ryuutarou
   Treize's Image Song (Operation IV)

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